A full set of SOFTWARES FOR AV production and live performances

Create & Perform with AuRe4 Suite

 AuRe4 Suite is the perfect tool for Artists, Creators and Entertainment technicians who want to deal with Interactivity and 3D real time contents.

The development of AuRe4 is driven by more than 25 years of Live performances

Real time 3D generative software suite

The 4 stages of real time content production

The suite is divided in 4 major themes of the interactive real time production chain : real time modulation, real time generation, story telling, and diffusion

Real Time Modulation Sources

AuRe4 RS is the reactive source provider, analyzing audio, Midi, or OSC sources and processing them to control the generators

AuRe4 IS is the Interactive source provider: managing and processing interactive devices inputs, sensors, and cams to provide inputs to the generators

Real Time Generation Sources

AuRe4 TC is the 2D texture generator and mixer. By the use of 8 reactive 3D real time generators, mix and export to 9 shared textures

AuRe4 3D is the interactive and reactive 3D content generator. Based on PBR texturing, it provides the full technology from video game engines to create interactive scenes.

Story Telling

AuRe4 ST is the general sequencer for the generators, it launches clips on a timeline or randomly


AuRe4 PD is the output manager for the generators. Providing different tools like projection mapping, mesh mapping, screen management, masks


Compose your real time content like music

Easy and ...

The suite is based on a live electronic music or light production philosophy,  thinking in terms of tracks, buses, clips, events, automations.

Each generator can have 128 clips per track/object that contains automations and parameters, and be launched by midi or OSC

Each clip can have an unlimited number of steps


let's fit your needs

Each software can be run on a separate computer or all the softwares on one.

Each software is stand alone and can be used separately in any personal production workflow, communicating via OSC or sharing texture with Spout

compatible with...

AuRe4 - RS
The Reactive Source

Provides Advanced reactive source to your project : audio analysis, MIDI, OSC, with advanced ADSR

AuRe4 - ST
The Story Teller

Control your Generators Randomly or Precisely with a timeline and tell your story

AuRe4 - TC
The 2D Interactive Real time Content Generator

8 sources Visual 2D Reactive synthesizer with 4 visual fx, 128 paterns for each source, 9 outputs and more !!!

AuRe4 - 3D - The 3D Interactive Realtime Content Generator

Create 3D scenes, place your cameras, import models, import or generate PBR textures, create reactive paterns, feel the magic!

AuRe4 - PD -The Diffusion Processor

Project or Diffuse your generated contents on multiple outputs, projection mapping, shader mapping, masks

AuRe4 - IS - The Interaction Source Manager

Manage and setup your interaction devices  and sensors, control your generators or cameras to fit your interactive project :

bodytracking management, body projection, gesture recognition , VR controlers management