Reactive processor

AuRe4 RS provides 8 bangs from

4 different source types in real time

  (Stereo Audio, Internal sequencer, MIDI, ASIO Multi Input)

Process them adding an envelope generator with advanced slope functions

Control your AuRe4 generators or any OSC compatible software

8 Bangs

to rule them all!

For each individual Bang

Stereo Audio Analysis because it's cool!


Analyse any audio input or internally played sound to generate a bang !

Define the frequency range to be analysed

Adjust gain and threshold to fit your music style

Define analyser algorithm

Internal Step Sequencer because it's Smart!


Create paterns “on the go” with this step sequencer to generate bangs !

Patern size management

Global Bpm

Midi Clock Ready

Out to Midi device Ready (yes it’s true)

Advanced Envelope Generator because it rocks!


Process your bang with this envelope generator!

ADSSR with advanced slope

11 Slope modes for each attack, decay or release

Midi in and out management because it's obvious

Send or receive your bang input via MIDI

Control your bang with MIDI in

Send your bang to any MIDI note or control

ASIO Multi Input Analysis


Create bangs from up to 8 Audio Asio Inputs in real time

Select up to 8 different audio inputs and create bangs with 8 different audio sources.

AuRe4 RS Player

Stand Alone RS Project Player
  • - No editing
  • - Loading projects only allowed
  • - Free Updates

AuRe4 RS Creator

Stand Alone RS Project Creator
  • - Full editing
  • - Midi Controllers ready
  • - Free Updates
  • AuRe4 MC included
  • AuRe4 RS Player included

AuRe4 Suite 1.1

Full production and live performance suite
  • FULL AuRe4 Suite 1.1
  • Full editing
  • + Free Updates
  • All Softs Included

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