2D Generative Motion

AuRe4 TC provides 8 generated video textures and mixes them to produce : 

1 master blended texture

+ 8 individual customizable buses 

128 Clips per track

128 Clips for master track

9 Shared outputs

Spout ready (9 spout textures)

Triggered via OSC or Via AuRe4 RS

Midi Controller Ready with AuRe4 MC

8 Textures

to rule them all!

Generative sources


Choose between more than 20 generative sources

Can be changed for every clip

Full automations for each step

Gradients, noises, fluids, smoke, texts, etc…

Controls and Automations

Automate and modify all your parameters

Colors, position, custom parameters

Midi Controller ready

Real time modifications

Step recording

4 serial FX for big visuals


Up to 4 fx for each clip in a track

More than 15 different visual FXs (new FXs coming soon)

Up to 24 parameters for each fx

Fully automated via Midi and AuRe4 MC

Step recording

Step recoder and manager

Create stunning clips, step by step, with ease

No step amount limit for each clip

Each step will be launched by the selected track bang using assigned transition time provided by AuRe4 RS or OSC compatible software

128 Clips for each track

Create up to 128 clips for each track per project

Clip launched live or using AuRe4 ST

Clip launch fully controlled via MIDI with AuRe4 MC

Step recording

8 individual shared textures outputs and 1 mixed shared texture output

AuRe4 TC generates 9 shared textures to use

1 Blended shared texture per bus

+ 1 blended general texture

Use it as a plugin for any SPOUT compatible software

Diffuse directly with AuRe4 PD


Advanced Visual Mixer

Mix your clips with an advanced transparency algorithm

Define transparency mode for each track

Define volume for each track

Send textures to mixer buses

Record your mixer state in up to 128 clips

Midi controls using AuRe4 MC

Compatible with

Made with AuRe4 TC

MiDeRiC Live @ Superbooth 2023

CLYSTRE Live @ Superbooth 2022

LISA MORGENSTEIN Live @ Superbooth 2022

AuRe4 TC Player

Stand Alone TC Project Player
  • - No editing
  • - Loading projects only allowed
  • - Free Updates

AuRe4 TC Creator

Stand Alone TC Project Creator
  • - Full editing
  • - Midi Controllers ready
  • - Free Updates
  • AuRe4 MC included
  • AuRe4 RS Player included
  • AuRe4 TC Player included

AuRe4 Suite 1.1

Full production and exploitation suite
  • FULL AuRe4 Suite 1.1
  • Full editing
  • + Free Updates
  • All Softs Included

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