3D real time motion synthesizer

AuRe4 3D is a fully reactive 3D real time video synthesizer

Up to 8 cameras to create shared textures

Import or create 3D objects and PBR textures

Step by Step clip creation and automation

128 clips per object or light in the scene

Motion Fx

Rendering management

8 Cameras

to rule them all!

Up to 8 virtual cameras to spout or to create shared textures

Control your cams and renderings

With AuRe4 3D you can create up to 8 virtual cameras to place in your 3D scene and share the result by shared texture

Each camera can be controlled by OSC or with an external tracking system like AuRe4 IS

Feel the power of immersive cams!

Advanced rendering

AuRe4 3D gives full control of the rendering parameters of each of your cameras.

Depth of field, lens flare, light reflections, outline, ambiant occlusion…

Global scene manager


Create your environment

Define static meshes

Use Imported 3D models or internal primitives

Define textures for static meshes

Sky management

Skylight and background manager

Define your global light environment

Import HDRI textures

360° texture ready

PBR texture creator


Create your own PBR textures on the go with our creative texture creator

Object and PBR textures importer

Import PBR textures

Import .Obj, .Fbx, etc…

Reactive Object and lights


Create unlimited amount of reactive objects or lights in your scene

Assign reactive OSC input to any object

Use Imported 3D models or internal primitives

Use imported or created PBR textures

Create automations and reactive animations on 128 clips per object or light


Up to 8 motion FX per object


AuRe4 3D includes 8 serial reactive motion fx per object.


AuRe4 3D Player

Stand Alone 3D Project Player
  • - No editing
  • - Loading projects only allowed
  • - Free Updates

AuRe4 3D Designer

Stand Alone 3D Project Creator
  • - Full editing
  • - Midi Controllers ready
  • - Free Updates
  • AuRe4 MC included
  • AuRe4 RS Player included

AuRe4 Suite 1.1

Full production and exploitation suite
  • FULL AuRe4 Suite 1.1
  • Full editing
  • + Free Updates
  • All Softs Included